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Timeless pre-packed maternity changing for labour, birth and beyond by senior midwife Marie Louise 

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“I love my MLM bag and am having the baby wear made into a patchwork blanket as it was the first one he ever wore and is so soft. I loved everything that came with the bag!”



10 Top Tips

1) Don't panic I know it's daunting and I know you have probably been waiting a while for this or maybe you have gone into labour unexpectedly. Either way try not to panic because [...]

A must read for mums planning on breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Part 1Day 1Most women say it’s the best life experience ever – once you get the hang of it! Breastfeeding can be tough and there are some key points you need to know. I’d like [...]

What to pack in your hospital bag for labour

There’s so much conflicting information from the internet, commercial companies and even sometimes amongst health care professionals.  I thought you might find it useful to have some clarity on what to pack in your [...]

What is Fluorocarbon and why MLM refuses to use it

Fluorochemicals are used in water-repellent finishes and waterproof membranes in outdoor apparel. But fluorinated compounds also can be found in a wide variety of consumer goods such as nonstick cookware, paints and coatings, and stain-release [...]