18 things MLM gives you…

Too many parents arrive misinformed, with lots of unnecessary and sometimes even unsafe items for their babies. You and your baby deserve the best, premium and organic products. Improving heath and wellbeing within new families is my aim and it starts with packing your hospital bag.


1.Peace of mind; packing your hospital bag has changed for ever, there’s no need to research for days, shop for hours or worry about what could have been forgotten. You have all the essentials you need, delivered to your door for when the ultimate life changing moment comes.


2. Padded natural antibacterial changing mat;

MLM uses baby safe laminated organic cotton. Some plastics are coated with harsh chemicals, you want to avoid exposing your baby’s skin to these. The mat slips in the back “dirty pouch” perfectly.

3. Stroller straps;

So you don’t have to carry the weight of your bag, the pram does. When you are pregnant your body releases hormones to accommodate your growing baby bump; these hormones take around 6 weeks to get out of your system, so you need to be careful with what you carry postnatally because you can end up with chronic back ache, definitely not what mums need!

4. A flash of British Tweed;

The items you need to grab quickly, your keys/phone, always sink to the bottom of your bag and when you are one armed, holding your baby, wading through all sorts life soon feels like mission impossible.

All MLM bags come with your own British tweed secure pocket so you have those much needed items at your fingertips. The pocket can be left on display or tucked away. Your choice.

5. Detachable pocketed lining;

A spillage will happen at some point and wiping just doesn’t cut it. Smells linger and it’s not hygienic. You can take an MLM bag interior out to wash at 30 degrees and reattach it into the main bag, no fuss (or lingering smells)


6. Bottles up;

There are two elasticated bottle holders for you to slip your water/juice bottles into so everything has its place.


7. Your main;

The main zip closes the entire bag to stop any rain/leakages getting in. MLM gives you a little more than your ordinary tote.

8. The dirty pouch;

You don’t want to be putting your baby’s dirty clothes or changing mat in with your baby’s dummy, bottle or toys so there’s a separate slip compartment at the back to avoid cross contamination.

9. Organic babywear set by MLM;


You get a baby bundle set containing a hat, baby grow, sleep suit and muslin. Organic cotton is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre. By restricting harmful chemicals in organic textile production and processing, final products remain free from allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemical residues. It’s beneficial for cotton producers and the environment in developing countries to avoid the harmful effects of toxic pesticides, this and the reduced cost of production improves social conditions. Your baby’s skin is so delicate and sensitive -try and ensure that anything directly touching your newborn babies’ skin is organic.

10. Biodegradable nappies;

When it comes to your baby’s well-being you have a choice. A choice between environmentally friendly natural materials and chemicals.. The GM Free corn starch film used as a leakage barrier replaces commonly used traditional plastics and is as effective and watertight so unlike plastic it is compostable and “breathes” allowing air to reach the baby’s delicate skin, resulting in an airier, drier and more comfortable nappy, thus causing less irritation. Kit & Kin nappies are number one when it comes to green disposable nappies.

11. Your toiletries treat;

I have chosen the luxurious French brand Damana for your organic toiletries kit. It smells divine and injects that little bit of luxury into your after-birth bath time. Their Organic range is

• Certified by ECOCERT 

and labelled by COSMEBIO

• Over 98% ingredients are 

of natural origin

• Over 10% ingredients 

originate from organic farming

• No silicon, no paraffinum, no PEG

• No paraben, no phenoxy-thanol, no GMO

• No chemical perfume

• No colouring agent

• No animal derived ingredient

• Not tested on animals

• Tested under dermatological control

12. Slippers; 

If you’re in hospital you’ll want to protect your feet. Sepsis has been on the increase and good hygiene can prevent infections from spreading so use the slippers as a hand washing trigger. Every time you slip them on…think about hand washing. 

13. Naty natural pads;

These sanitary pads are gentle on the environment and based on natural and renewable materials. They are fluid resistant and have a breathable bottom layer made of corn film and 100% chlorine free. Naty only use totally chlorine free (TCF) pulp in their sanitary pads which prevents the formation of dioxins, highly carcinogenic pollutants, within the product. What this means is that your delicate skin is not exposed to nasty chemicals, chlorines or bleaches.

14. 100% Organic NYP & baby balm cream;

This product is a personal favourite of mine! It’s a dual purpose cream for cracked nipples and nappy rash. Inlight cream was developed by Dr Mariano Spiezia. Dr Spiezia has been considered the father of the organic beauty movement in Britain and was voted one of the top 25 “Who’s who in natural beauty” in 2012, 2013 and again in 2015. Skin is the human body’s largest organ and neonatal skin is 5x more permeable than yours so whatever you put on your newborn babies’ skin will be absorbed. Unfortunately, unlike organic food, there ‘s a lack of legal standards for organic cosmetic products. Inlight organic skincare contains the finest and most effective organic food-grade and cold-pressed oils, herbs, the purest essential oils and beeswax -that’s it! Plus it’s aroma is like a walking into a luxurious spa.

15. Cotton wool;

If you had something black and sticky stuck on your skin would you use a cold baby wipe to get it off?  Babies pass black and sticky poo (meconium) in the first few days of life. Using a cold, fragranced baby wipe just doesn’t get it off properly plus, the repetitive wiping just strips delicate skin barriers and may cause irritation. Just warm water and cotton wool is all you need for those first few days.

16. Hair ties;

Not everyone needs them, but those that do will really appreciate these in labour. You may get hot and having hair stuck to and around your face in labour is irritating. If you are breastfeeding, you want to make sure that you can see your babies’ attachment properly. Plus, you can pop the hair tie on the wrist you last fed from so you don’t have to write it down or try to remember.

17. British Bridget Jones knickers;

Made in the UK with a mix of spandex and cotton for comfort. They come up high to cover the abdomen in case of caesarian section and they are more supportive -even if you have had a normal birth your tummy doesn’t go down right away. Everyone loves Bridget Jones style knickers post natally…comfort is key.

18. Buttoned breastfeeding nightshirt;

I have popped in a nightshirt as it unbuttons for breastfeeding mummies, you don’t want to be pulling your pyjama top up struggling to see. Get comfy in your super stretch nightie, which is also smart enough to greet visitors if you don’t have time to change. Win-win.