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About Our Bags

Pre-packed by Senior Midwife Marie Louise

Confidence you can carry, created by a midwife for mums everywhere. 

Designed to grab and go, giving you peace of mind that you are fully prepared for your birth with only the healthiest items for you and your baby.

Your bag is Designed in Cornwall, proudly made in Britain, MLM fully support local craftsmanship and workers’ rights.

Watch the video as Marie Louise explains what comes in her pre-packed changing bags.


The MLM pre-packed changing bag contains the essentials you will need for both you and your little one. All products included are safe for your baby, environmentally friendly, not tested on animals, trusted, reliable and you still have room for your very own personal touches and special items.

Included are-

  • Luxury padded natural antibacterial changing mat
  • Stroller straps, so you don’t have to carry your bag, the pram does
  • Zipped unique British tweed front pocket for quick access to your essential items
  • Detachable pocketed lining for easy cleaning and durability (machine washable at 30 degrees)
  • Two inner pockets for bottles should you need them
  • Secure zip for opening and closing main compartment
  • Separate dirty pouch for soiled clothing to avoid cross contamination
  • MLM 100% organic and super soft baby wear
  • Naty brand green biodegradable nappies because every baby uses around 8,000 nappies in a lifetime
  • A luxury organic toiletries kit & face cloth for your comfort
  • Soft slippers for hygiene and to protect your feet
  • Naty natural sanitary pads, chlorine and bleach free
  • 100% Organic Inlight NYP & baby balm cream
  • Cotton wool for the sticky meconium
  • Hair ties for labour and to get you hair away whilst attaching baby if breastfeeding
  • Maternity knickers, our hero product! They are real Bridget Jones style but comfort is key after you have had a baby
  • Buttoned maternity nightshirt so you can breastfeed at night and have skin to skin contact with ease

I am incredibly excited to share the first ever fluorocarbon free baby changing bag with you.

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“What is fluorocarbon and why MLM refuses to use it”

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Organic, Fluorocarbon free cotton

It’s taken 8 years of research to produce our chosen fabrics and I am very proud of the standards I have managed to achieve through my work with Halley Stevenson, based in Scotland. Here’s what the Managing Director says We have have had the pleasure of dealing with Marie Louise as a partner in developing the MLM organic canvas changing bag with a child friendly water and soil repellent finish. This project has been led by Marie’s foresight and passion for her ideal product and we are glad to have helped through that development process.” 

As Halley Stevenson also supply premium brands such as Burberry and Barbour, MLM is ensuring only the very best quality is used for you and your delicate newborn.

Watch Dr. Philippe Grandjean of the Harvard School of Public Health discusses the issues raised by his recent research into the effects of PFCs on children. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a75dAcv8FN0&feature=youtu.be

Nickle free metal work

Nickel is considered harmful and allergenic for newborns which is why our metal work is all marine grade stainless steel.

Your stroller straps have a weight bearing load of  >200kg making them not only safe around your baby but durable.

British Tweed

Albert Moon supply our beautiful British tweed and have been manufacturing tweed for 175 years.

Their wool supplier adheres to strict animal welfare protocols. Certificates are available upon request.

“Founded in 1837 and with our roots in apparel, we are one of the last remaining vertical woollen mills in Great Britain, with a reputation for consistent quality and innovative design.”

Recycled Leather

The recycled leather goes through multiple non-polluting cleaning processes. First the discarded leather is collected from the manufacture of apparel, shoes, handbags, furniture, etc and is put through a series of scouring processes to achieve a consistently even texture. It is also cleaned to allow a uniform, natural colour for the finished product. After the recycled leather is applied to the fabric, it is washed again to soften. The end result is an environmentally safe and “clean” product which gives the feel, weight, and durability of leather, but does so without polluting the environment.

Our visionary fabric is organic, baby friendly and toxin free.

MLM provides bags that are:

Pre-packed; your bag is ready to grab and go when that life changing moment comes, giving you peace of mind. Each item has been specifically picked utilising my 8 years of experience as a midwife prioritising your health and welfare .

Durable; made in Britain with premium materials and built to last.

Stylish; you shouldn’t feel as though you have lost your sense of style now that you’re a mum and I have made sure of that through unique design twists.

Practical; developed by myself as a midwife I have ensured all of your particular needs are met with the right compartments. For example you have your own tweed mummies pouch with a secure zip and secrecy flap to hide it away if you wish.

Removable; its has a removable changing mat and liner so that you can rest your baby on the organic changing mat whilst out and about. The organic liner can be removed to wash at 30 degrees or used as a separate bag packed for a childminder.

Wipeable; as a midwife I appreciate the importance of hygiene so the bag and changing mat are fully wipeable. The exterior is made with wipeable organic cotton, reducing chemical usage and protecting cotton growers from exposure to harsh chemicals.