Babymoon breaks have recently become very popular and rightly so. You, your body and your partner are about to experience one of life’s biggest changes, especially if you are expecting your first baby. Your whole body has changed and is continuing to change. Your blood volume will increase by 50%, your internal organs move and your lungs change shape; not to mention the added hormonal changes you are experiencing. You need to take time out away from everything and enjoy quality time with your bump and whoever you plan to take to your birth, be it your partner, friend, mum or doula. There is so much to consider during pregnancy and I’m a firm believer in taking time out to think through, appreciate and consider what’s to come. Breaks are most popular during the second trimester as you should have plenty of time before your baby is born. The time spent away from work and other commitments is important during pregnancy, not just on maternity leave. It doesn’t matter where you go, it matters that you take this time for yourself and your baby. MLM is currently running an exclusive babymoon giveaway with one of the U.K’s most beautiful and atmospheric hotels. It’s only available to 6 women at present so if this is something you would be interested in, contact The Scarlet as soon as possible to secure your place.


“You can indulge in all kinds of relaxing diversions here at the Scarlet – including our cliff-top hot tubs, a natural reed-bed swimming pool and an Ayurvedic inspired spa. We designed the Scarlet so that almost wherever you are, you can enjoy far-reaching views of the beach and sea beyond. We want you to feel connected to our unique location, both indoors and out. The hotel is a balance of light, airy spaces with cosy, private areas which allow you to mix with our other guests or enjoy peace and solitude. Our stunningly appointed bedrooms and suites feature free standing baths, walk-in showers, sea views, private gardens, terraces or private rooftop sitting rooms. Importantly, we are a hotel for grown ups. The Scarlet offers you serenity, a chance to escape from life’s fast pace, slow down and truly enjoy nature, great food and a warm welcome.”

NOTE: If travelling long distance or flying
Consult your GP or midwife and the airline to discuss safety of travelling; most airlines will allow you fly up to 28 weeks. Ensure you keep well hydrated on the flight and wear flight stockings to prevent blood clots. Walk up and down the plane and move your ankles around in circles to help circulation. You might want to pre-book an aisle seat, in order to be able to get in and out of your seat to do this and to use the bathroom. One of the most important things for you to pack is any medication you need and your hospital notes, whether your trip is abroad or in the UK – it’s essential that you bring them. If you do need to seek medical advice whilst away from home – the first thing a midwife/Dr will want to do is check your history and ensure they don’t miss anything during diagnosis but without those notes they can’t get the history required.