Beautiful Birth Marks


There is a lot that you can now see via ultra sound scan, especially now 3D scans are so clear. But one thing you can’t see are birth marks. Sometimes new parents are alarmed finding a birth mark as they may have an expectation of what their child will look like. I wanted to put any new parents mind at rest because birth marks are beautiful and I’ve got the photos to prove it

Jake Gosling 23, up and coming football player for Torquay

Jake was born with a birth mark across his right eye. His mum was really worried about how it could affect his life, but he says…

“New parents shouldn’t worry, I think it adds character”  

“it makes me more recognisable on the pitch…and that’s always a good thing!”


Tamsyn Keensi 24 year old  is a surf instructor, graphic designer and was born with sectoral hecterochromia. Where the eye has a darker section…


“I used to be a bit embarrassed about it as it’s the first thing people notice when they look at me but as I’ve got older I’ve really grown to like it and think it makes me different. ”

Joe Hurworth, 22 up and coming musician from Cornwall

He was born with a birth mark on his back and used to be embarrassed to take off his top but now he says

 “it’s a choice to identify with what people think of you

For example if you were wearing a grey top and someone says “I hate that green top, it looks horrible on you” you wouldn’t take it personally because you don’t agree with their premise that the shirt is green in the first place. You would possibly think well it’s grey in my eyes, you’re an idiot. It’s only when you agree with someone that your self image becomes negative.


“If anyone tries to make me feel less or insecure I remember that I have the power in that situation because it is me that chooses to identify with it. I’m glad that I learnt that because of my birth mark. I use that analogy all the time now.”