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About Marie Louise BSc Hons

Senior Midwife and Maternity Educator

“Midwifery is not a job, it’s a privilege”

Marie Louise

At the age of 21, I qualified as one of the youngest midwives in the U.K.

As a child I had an intense fascination as to how a woman could grow a person inside her.

By aged 15 I knew that I wanted to help mothers and after exams, applications and intense interviews I was ecstatic to gain a place at the University Of Greenwich to become a midwife. I turned 18 in July and was on delivery suite making my dream come true by October.

I will never forget the first birth I saw as a fresh faced midwifery student.  It changed my life.

For the first time in my life I felt true fulfilment. Midwifery  is what I was meant to do.

Almost a decade later I am still humbled, privileged and fulfilled every time I am part of bringing new life into the world. I became a senior midwife by 22, taking charge of wards and delegating staff. I wanted to share my knowledge so I gained a teaching qualification and taught antenatal classes.


Years of extensive research combined with working as a midwife has highlighted the importance of reassurance and product safety. Through MLM I only offer products that are safe for you, your baby and the environment. Giving you confidence you can carry.


Parents often bring unnecessary items into hospital.  Newborns really don’t need much but I see all kinds of weird and wonderful products. I also find some parents are confused by what to pack and can feel stressed by the conflicting advice given from different sources.


You wouldn’t want to feed your newborn with ingredients containing any amount of disruptive or harsh chemicals, would you?  So why put those chemicals on your baby’s skin? Newborn skin is 5x more absorbent than yours and it takes at least 4 weeks to build up protective, natural enzymes and skin barriers. In the womb your baby has been in a very controlled environment for their entire existence. Never seen light, had skin to skin contact, been on dry land, felt true temperature change or heard clear sounds.  Which is why MLM only provides safe, organic and premium products.

See Dr Chris van Tulleken experiment


Various products disrupt the growth of natural barriers because of the chemical ingredients (such as sulphates SLS and SLES), causing unnecessary irritation, discomfort and an increased risk of eczema and psoriasis. See Government supporting evidence

Far too often I found myself repeating “I wouldn’t recommend that you use that for your newborn baby.” This does not sit well with me.

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“Every aspect of the MLM bag has been carefully considered with you and your baby’s health and wellbeing at heart.”

I couldn’t stand by, observing this problem and I was taught to “be the change you want to see” so I designed a changing bag, pre-packed it with safe, healthy and organic products for labour, delivery and the first 24 hours of your newborn baby’s life.

I spent time researching to find the safest yet most durable fabrics and decided to make it in Britain so the manufacturing could be done under my watchful eye.

Simply put I believe the maternity industry should be led by clinical professionals with an understanding of the anatomy, physiology and biology behind maternal and neonatal health.

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MLM Beliefs

MLM baby friendly bags are made in Britain from brand new non-toxic, environmentally responsible materials because your newborn babies lungs and skin are delicate.


I believe in empowering you by sharing information, being transparent and providing safe products with clinical backing. Knowledge is power.


Aiming to help make your transition into parenthood as safe and smooth as possible you can rely on MLM.

Grab and Go

When the big day comes you will have a lot to consider, MLM pre-packed bags are designed to grab and go with reassurance you are well prepared.

Staying Stylish

At MLM becoming a mum doesn’t mean you should lose your sense of style or identity.

I have combined style with eco credentials into a functional and safe changing bag with a unique British tweed compartment, putting everything you need at your fingertips.

Just when you need it.

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As your baby grows MLM is here to support, educate and grow with you.

With pure transparency, I would like to lift the lid on old wives tales and provide you with useful, clinical resources.

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