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MLM – Confidence you can carry

Senior midwife Marie Louise saw first-hand the confusion that expectant parents go through because of conflicting advice online, within maternity marketing campaigns and even among healthcare professionals.

The moment Marie Louise decided to act was after seeing a new mother sobbing because she had become so confused about what was safe for her newborn.

Parents are often confounded when packing their maternity bag and Marie realised she could provide the perfect solution.

Marie Louise Maternity was born there and then.

Media Pack

Please find below a link to download our media pack of both high resolution and low resolution images which includes:

  • All Black Changing Bag
  • Classic Changing Bag
  • All Black Changing Bag and Contents
  • Image of Marie Louise
  • MLM Animation
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MLM Facts

  • Marie Louise was one of the youngest midwives in the U.K. in 2012.
    I completed my midwifery degree and qualified as one of the youngest midwives in the U.K. at that time.
  • Marie Louise has cared for thousands of women across the globe practicing internationally.
    After graduating my sister and I went backpacking around south east Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I just couldn’t help but want to see how different their practices were so at any opportunity I was in maternity units watching and learning. We stayed in Australia for one year where I worked full time as a midwife.
  • Marie Louise is also a qualified teacher and maternity educator.
    I wanted to share my knowledge and thought I could also learn a new skill so I gained a teaching qualification aged just 23.
  • MLM provides the worlds first ever fluorocarbon free changing bag.
  • Fluorochemicals are toxic and perfluorooctanoic (PFOA) has been identified by preliminary government-risk assessment as being consistent with the category of a “likely carcinogen.” Fluorochemicals do not break down or “go away.” Scientific reports indicate increasing levels of these chemicals accumulating in the environment, in animals and in humans around the globe. MLM refuses to use fabric containing fluorochemicals, the alternative has taken 8 years of research but the visionary fabric has been manufactured by world leading waxed cotton fabric specialists, Halley Stevenson.
  • Made in Britain
    Supporting local craftsmanship, quality control and fair working practices for all involved with MLM are most important to me.
  • Use same fabric supplier as Burberry and Barbour.
    Halley Stevensons create waxed apparel fabric and luggage canvas at their Baltic Works plant in Dundee, established in 1864. Their fabric is organic and just oozes quality.

MLM Bag Features

  • Stroller straps
  • Zipped unique British tweed front pocket for quick access to Mum’s essential items
  • Detachable pocketed lining for easy cleaning and durability (machine washable at 30 degrees)
  • Two inner pockets for bottles
  • Secure zip for opening and closing main compartment
  • Separate dirty pouch for soiled clothing

Pre-packed Products Included

  • Luxury padded natural antibacterial changing mat
  • MLM organic baby wear, made in England
  • Naty brand green biodegradable nappies
  • Mum’s luxury organic toiletries kit & face cloth
  • Soft slippers
  • Naty natural sanitary pads
  • 100% Organic Inlight NYP & baby balm cream
  • Cotton wool
  • Hair ties
  • Maternity knickers
  • Buttoned maternity cotton nightshirt

Science & Safety


You wouldn’t want to feed your newborn with ingredients containing any amount of disruptive or harsh chemicals, would you?  So why put those chemicals on your baby’s skin? Newborn skin is 5 times more absorbent than yours and it takes at least 4 weeks to build up protective, natural enzymes and skin barriers. In the womb your baby has been in a very controlled environment for their entire existence. Never seen light, had skin to skin contact, been on dry land, felt true temperature change or heard clear sounds. Which is why MLM only provides safe, organic and premium products.


Various products disrupt the growth of natural barriers because of the chemical ingredients (such as sulphates SLS and SLES), causing unnecessary irritation, discomfort and an increased risk of eczema and psoriasis.
Far too often I found myself repeating “I wouldn’t recommend that you use that for your newborn baby.”


The Signature

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The Classic

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The All Black

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About Marie Louise

As a child I had an intense fascination as to how a woman could grow a person inside her.

By aged 15 I knew that I wanted to help mothers and after exams, applications and intense interviews I was ecstatic to gain a place at the University Of Greenwich to become a midwife. I turned 18 in July and was on delivery suite making my dream come true by October.

I will never forget the first birth I saw as a fresh faced midwifery student. It changed my life. The three people in the room turned to four and I was a part of that.

For the first time in my life I felt true fulfilment. Midwifery  is what I was meant to do.

Almost a decade later I am still humbled, privileged and fulfilled every time I am part of bringing new life into the world.

I became a senior midwife by 22, coordinating wards and delegating staff.


Net Doctor by Jenny Cook:
“Marie Louise became one of the youngest midwives in the UK in 2012, aged just 21. Now a senior midwife, Marie has spent many a Christmas delivering babies rather than celebrating at home with family. She told us about what life on the maternity unit is like during the festive period, and the ways in which Christmas babies remain special.”

Natasha Corrett, best-selling vegetarian chief and daughter of Kelly Hoppen:
“Even though I am planning a home birth you never know I might need to be transferred or go into labour early! I have included everything me, the baby and husband needs for the first 24 hours. I have also brought a Marie Louise Maternity bag which has wonderful organic cotton and everything you need for the first 24 hours for your baby. The bag is also gorgeous and can be used as a changing bag in the future. I love it!”

MLM’s first customer, Lauren:
“I love my MLM bag and am having the baby wear made into a patchwork blanket as it was the first one he ever wore and is so soft. I loved everything that came with the bag!”

Halley Stevensons, fabric supplier:
“We have had the pleasure of dealing with Marie Louise a partner in developing MLM organic canvas bag with a child friendly water and soil repellent finish. This project has been led by Marie Louise’s foresight and passion for her ideal product and we are glad to have helped through that development process.”

The MLM Team

Marie Louise (ML) – Head Honcho

Marie Louise is MLM personified; a knowledgeable and experienced midwife, a British designer, and a proud veggie. MLM is Marie Louise’s baby and has taken years of hard work, dedication and perseverance. ML continues to work as a midwife and always plans to.

Dad – Chief Happiness Officer

ML’s dad is her rock and plays a huge roll in MLM from wiping tears when things go wrong to setting up exhibition stands, stock checks, and always making sure MLM has good timing.

Catherine – Head of Environmental Awareness

Marie Louise’s sister and zoologist Catherine helps keep MLM striving to keep eco-credentials in check. With a heart as big as a lion Catherine travels to South Africa in attempt to save endangered species and give as much as possible to local orphanages. She also highlights new research surrounding manufacturing pollution to ensure Marie Louise is always in the know.

Jake – Head of Emotional Support

ML’s partner, who you may notice features in a few shots. Jake continues to support ML through the ups and downs of business. He’s a true gentleman and is always by her side.  Also helps with some design ideas and sales strategies.

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