The Real Skin Care

Recently I have been lucky enough to review some products made by Elisa from Real Skin Care. Which truly live up to the brand name. I was blow away by the quality, handmade personal touch and attention to detail.
The problem with “natural” or “organic” products is that they are not regulated like food. In order to call a product “organic” it only needs a very small amount of organic content. Elisa ensures her products are food grade organic. Because she doesn’t use water there’s no need for any chemical or nasty preservatives. Which is key when it comes to safe skincare.
I particularly like the brown sugar body scrub! It’s really exfoliating and left my skin feeling super soft.
To find out more head over to her site.
Here is what Elisa has to say about her company…
 What Makes Us Unique?
ü No water-based products from us!
We believe there is no reason in charging our customers for water-based products. 
Despite water not having any nutritional value to our skin, it is usually the one ingredient with the highest percentage in the formulation of most cosmetics. We chose instead to use only highly active ingredients: our cosmetics are packed with The Real Stuff so they feel more concentrated and more effective too.
ü  Harsh Chemicals? No, thanks…
We do NOT use ANY synthetic thickeners, stabilisers, solvents or binders to help our products retain that pampering feel and texture we are so proud of. For this reason, their consistency might be subject to the temperature they are stored at. We believe this is a very small price to pay for truly all-natural cosmetics.
ü Freshness inspired by nature
We formulate our products with the best natural ingredients, so it made sense to us to take inspiration from nature to keep them fresh too. Determined to maximise the nourishing and moisturising ingredients content and eliminate all the nasties, we developed self-preserving products. We like to think of them as revolutionary and we are very proud to be able to offer them to the beauty market.
100% Natural, 
Preservative FREE, 
Alcohol FREE, 
Fragrance FREE, 
Cruelty FREE, 
Made with Organic Ingredients, 
FREE from Harsh Chemicals, 
FREE from Parabens and SLS