Senior midwife offers “confidence you can carry” and on-point style with an environmentally friendly, non-toxic pre-packed maternity changing bag.

Huge frumpy bags full of unnecessary, dubious items and products full of chemicals. Founder of Marie Louise Maternity, senior midwife Marie Louise, has encountered many unexpected things brought to births by mums and dads-to-be yet some of the most essential items have been forgotten.

Determined to help after seeing the results of conflicting advice on what to pack when heading off to hospital or preparing for a home birth, Marie Louise Maternity was launched to make the ultimate stylish range of maternity changing bags, all packed with clinical experience and the safest organic products for labour, birth and those wonderful and vital 24 hours after birth and beyond.

Designed in Cornwall, proudly made in Britain, fully supporting local craftsmanship and workers’ rights. Made from recycled leather and fluorocarbon free material, the fabrics that make up every MLM bag are the result of eight years of research by Halley Stevenson, (a supplier to world famous iconic brands Burberry and Barbour) the world leading waxed cotton and luggage canvas specialist based in Dundee since 1864.

Even the metalwork is nickel-free marine steel, all keeping toxins where they should be… far away from a newborn.

MLM’s unique design touches means that mums can still be stylish when the stork flies in. With features including stroller straps, an easy wipe organic changing mat for a newborn’s first little adventures away from home and a removable machine washable lining for easy cleaning and durability. The bag also includes a zipped British Tweed front pocket to place everything at your fingertips, just when you need it.

Marie Louise said: “I knew from my work as a midwife that despite best intentions, a lot of parents arrive with many unnecessary items (Believe it or not, a dad actually brought in a snorkel and mask). Often the items are just not safe for a newborn, and items are forgotten that are really needed.”

“My idea was to make a stylish and safe grab-to-go changing bag I would feel confident recommending to my family and friends. A trustworthy product incorporating all of my knowledge and experience within midwifery, eliminating parents need to research for hours, shop for days, or worry about what could be forgotten.”

“The bag does much more than just say ‘we are ready’. It takes pressure off you both and is a huge contribution to the preparation period offering confidence you can carry.”

“Helping mums and dads give their child the safest start is so important. This, alongside style, quality, and a lot of love and care, are the ingredients that go into making Marie Louise Maternity, and make me proud to be part of a growing conversation around the best possible care for mums and babies.”

“I love my bags, I put so much into them. MLM isn’t just a business to me, it’s a part of me, my years of experience as a midwife and my attempt to solve problems I was often faced with.

While strong, stylish, functional, and ready to roll, it is not just the MLM bag that has mother and baby’s health at heart.

“You wouldn’t want to feed your newborn with ingredients containing any amount of damaging and irritating chemicals, would you?” said Marie.

“So why put those chemicals on your baby’s skin? Newborn skin is five times more absorbent than an adult and it takes four to six weeks to build up protective, natural enzymes and skin barriers.”

Safe, environmentally friendly, healthy and organic, the included products for labour, delivery and the first 24 hours of a newborn baby’s life have been chosen based on real life maternity experience, are kind to your baby and not tested on animals.

Whether simple but vital items such as biodegradable nappies and soft slippers, or the cutest MLM organic baby wear and 100 per cent organic balms and creams for mum and baby, careful clinical choices are behind everything.

The business based in Cornwall, is now selling bags across the UK and as far away as Australia.

Marie Louise Maternity bags are available in The Signature, The Classic and The All Black. While already in discussions with a famous high street retailer, until they arrive on shelves across the UK MLM Pre-Packed Bags are available from, alongside more information, advice and help.

Mums and dads can also join the growing story of Marie Louise Maternity on Facebook and on Instagram @marie_louise_maternity