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“I bought this bag because I wanted to do something helpful for my wife during pregnancy and wasn’t sure what she would want or need but I thought I couldn’t go wrong with an MLM bag and I was right, she loved the design and instantly relaxed when she saw it had everything she needed already packed by a senior midwife!”  Paul, first baby

I am a mum of three boys, I work full time in a stressful job and I’m currently expecting baby number four.  My husband has recently treated me to a pre-packed MLM maternity bag.  He didn’t do this because I’m unsure of what I might want for labour and birth, but because I know exactly what I want and need.  He also knows I won’t compromise or settle for anything less!  You see, time is my most precious commodity.  I want to spend every spare minute with my children; not trawling shops or websites for safe, ecologically friendly and trustworthy baby products.  Marie has meticulously done this for me and ultimately secured excellent prices for the quality of products you receive, all with only one p&p charge required!  Over the last ten years I’ve used so many, many different baby care products; from supermarket’s own to well-known brands, and I’ve even tried bamboo reusable nappies, but believe me when I say the novelty of those soon wore off!  Whilst it maybe completely unrelated, who knows, my children have suffered with eczema, nappy rashes, and one has severe allergies requiring frequent hospital care.  I’ve also changed and developed a conscience over the last 10 years – I mean, who knows how many conventional nappies I’ve sent to landfill?  Or how long they’ll be there!? It’s mortifying.  
I am grateful to Marie for the work she has done for parents, sourcing suitable products and bringing them together in a stylish and practical bag that I can use well beyond the hospital stay or even the nappy stage.  Like everything else, it is designed to be sustainable, to last, and to work for the modern parent.  You can’t ask for more than that.  Sophia, forth baby

“I get lots of compliments on my bag and I love the tweed pocket especially because it’s unique to me. I don’t feel like I have had to lose my sense of style”  Sophie, second baby

“I love my bag! I was going to take the sets of knickers out but I am glad I didn’t because they were so comfortable and I wore them for two weeks after birth!”  Heidi, first baby

“There’s plenty of room in the bag and it has all the right compartments, I loved the baby grows and the products that came with the bag. My little one has grown out of his MLM baby grow now but I’m having it in my patchwork blanket as it was the first baby grow he ever wore.”  Lauren, first  baby

 I received one of Marie’s lovely MLM changing bags at my ‘babymoon’ at the Scarlet hotel and cannot wait to use it! The consultation with Marie was one of the absolute highlights of our trip and left me feeling a lot more optimistic and positive about birth. –  Annika first baby