What’s OFP and why’s it SO important?

Helping Your Baby Into The Optimal Fetal Position For Birth


General Advice During Pregnancy


Spend as much time as you can in positions in which you can lean forward and where your knees are below your hips, particularly from 34 weeks onward if it’s your first baby, or 37 weeks if it isn’t.  You can do this by:

  • Sit on a Birthing Ball
  • Using your Birthing Ball, kneel forward, knees apart, bottom down. You can use a bean bag, pillows/large cushions instead. Do this whilst watching T.V or reading.
  • Sit on an upright chair, feet flat on the floor and lean forward (your belly will hang between your knees.)
  • Sit the wrong way round on an upright chair and lean over the back.
  • If you sit a lot, take regular breaks, get up and move around.
  • Whilst you are sitting, sit on a couple of cushions so that your hips are raised above your knees.
  • Cat Crawl – get onto all fours and move around
  • Swim or float on your front – If you have pelvic pain, avoid breast stroke.

Positions to avoid:

  • Sitting leaning back on a squashy sofa or chair.
  • Sitting with your legs crossed.
  • Squatting deeply.


Advice During Labour

  • Remember to always make sure that the angle between your knees and thighs is more than 90 degrees
  • No sitting back or squatting
  • Find something higher than your waist level to grasp when your baby is ready to emerge
  • Try to position yourself so that you are able to open your knees, allow your body to sag and to arch your back (yes, all at the same time if you can!) as your baby emerges.